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A burn is damage to tissue by heat, chemical, electricity, sunrays or radiation. The Most common Burn occurs from hot liquid such as soup, coffee and boiling water, but other liquids are flammable liquids and gases. Burns are describe by tissue depth and surface area covered.

Burns are measured in degrees 1, 2, 3 and 4th by depth:

1.     First degree burn is superficial epidermis damage, such as sunburn with or without blisters.

2.     Second degree burn affects epidermis and second tissue layer called the dermis layer.

3.     Third degree burn are much deeper damaging epidermis, dermis, hair follicles and sweat glands.

4.     Fourth degree burn extends into the fatty layers, fifth involves muscle and sixth involves bone.

Severe burns are extremely dangerous because of systemic complications from a huge full body inflammatory reaction. This inflammatory response can cause an overreaction injuring major organs such as heart, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels and others.

In most cases burns are treated with clean dry daily dressing using topical antibiotics to prevent infection and ease burn pain. However, in many burn cases daily debridement in an out-patient clinic  is needed to remove damaged tissue to allow healing to occur. Severe cases may require acute hospitalization in special burn center.

Our clinic is well trained in burn care and debridement and will provide you care with professional attention and compassion.


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TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint

Temporomandibular Joint

Temporomandibular joint aka TMJ is pain in and around the ear where the mandible attaches to the skull. The temporomandibular (TMJ) joint allows you to open and close your mouth for chewing, talking and yawning. Dysfunction of this joint causes jaw pain, headaches, swelling, numbness, radiating pain, stiffness, jaw locking, clicking and popping.

Occasionally acute TMJ pain will improve without treatment using home remedies such as soft food, heat, ice and NSAID’s. However, TMJ can develop into chronic pain and need physical therapy help to resolve pain and restore joint function. Our out-patient clinic uses manual techniques to relax the surrounding joint muscles, integrative dry needling, ultrasound, joint tapping, electrical stimulation, heat and ice to resolve pain and restore function.References

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How CBD oil can aid in your Physical Therapy Regiment

Since CBD Oil (cannabidiol oil) has made it’s debut on the shelf, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of patients that are using, or wanting to use it. We get asked a lot, “What is CBD oil?” ; “Can it be beneficial for me?” ; “Will I get a high from using it?”. While you cannot get a High from using CBD oil, it does depend on the patient and the ailments that those patients have, and just how beneficial CBD oil will be to them. There are about 110-120 compounds of cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Plant. There is still so much to learn and it’s science is still young.

The CBD oil compound and the THC compound are the most studied cannabinoids. We see a lot of patients who are in a chronic, constant state of pain. Most of them are on opioids and have been on them for quite some time. To the point where they are unable to drive themselves to their appointments. With the demand to reduce the amount of opioids being given out, pain management doctors are relying more heavily on the Physical Therapist to help aid them in which patients are in true need of controlled pain medicines and what can be helped through being active. We know that when you work-out and exercise, your body releases endorphins which stimulate a series of things in the brain and body and makes you overall happier and healthier.

CBD does not alter the cognitive state of patients like THC does, but it is useful in pain treatment because it stimulates the human body to produce endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters naturally found in the human body that help regulate many functions including sleep, appetite, mood, memory and pain sensation. When you engage in physical exercise, the level of endocannabinoids rises in response. How CBD oil modulates pain is not completely understood, but pain management doctors believe that it inhibits pain impulses from reaching the brain and working on certain receptors.

If you are experiencing pain and are wanting to try CBD oil to help control it, I would talk to your Dr. first to make sure they don’t see any potential risks involved for you, and remember, your Physical Therapist can help aid in that decision by giving you a thorough evaluation and setting you up on an active regiment that could reduce your use of opioids.


APTA CBD and Physical therapists article

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Breathe Easy

Chest Physical Therapy

Chest physical therapy (Chest PT) is a manual physical therapy technique used for airway passage clearance. It consist of percussion, vibration, deep breathing and coughing. The technique is used to create a productive cough to clear mucus and fluid from the five lobes of the lungs. Chest PT can be used for various diagnosis such as flu, cold, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD), neurological disorders, or bed bound persons.

The two main techniques are percussion and vibration. Percussion is done by slightly cupping the hand and clapping against the chest wall. Having the hand cupped provides comfort and less of a slapping sensation. Vibration is performed by gently shaking the chest wall with a flattened hand to loosen the mucus from the lungs. Person is placed in various positions to allow postural drainage to assist with the production of mucus. Each technique is then followed by attempting a productive cough to expel the mucus.

Our clinic provides manual chest therapy for all ages and we highly recommend this treatment for cold and flu season to prevent pneumonia and other complications from congestion.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Chest Physical Therapy. Retrieved from

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Non-Healing Wound

Non-healing wound is a delay in the natural healing process from either an outside or inside source. Inside sources could be and infection, bleeding, drainage, clots, fatty necrosis, unexpected debris, tracks, and underlying health issues such as diabetes and  poor circulation. Outside sources could be pressure, friction, moisture, trauma, burn, radiation and insects (roaches or maggots).  All of these sources make each patient and circumstance unique and different and should be treated with individual care.

As a wound practitioner my responsibility is to find the delay or non- healing source quickly for every patient. Early detection will reduce pain, suffering and return patients to their lifestyle.

Our wound care clinic is unique because our staff is physical therapist and assistances that specialize in wound care and debridement. We have successful wound healing because of our outstanding experience, skill and consistent staff. Our small staff of professionals allows us to have better consistency and patient compliance. Most wound care facilities operate with large changing staff that causes inconsistent care and delayed healing.

Sherri Boos, DPT, PT

Yukon Wound Care & Rehab

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Adhesive capsulitis

Adhesive capsulitis or commonly known as “frozen shoulder” is the tightness, lack of use and the pain associated within the shoulder joint. Frozen shoulder can be caused by an injury or arthritis that then results in lack of use and loss of function. Injuries such as stroke, fractures, falls, or prolonged immobility after a shoulder surgery are examples of common causes. People over 40, particularly women, are more susceptible to adhesive capsulitis.

Physical therapy is the most common prescribed tool for improving adhesive capsulitis. Joint mobilizations, aggressive stretching, and range of motion exercise are techniques used during each session. Physicians may prescribe steroids or an injection into the joint for relief. In some cases, an orthopedic consult may be needed. An orthopedic surgeon would surgically clean the inside of the joint to remove arthritis, scar tissues, or tears and free the capsular space.

Preventive exercise can be beneficial. Contacting an experienced physical therapist is key. Physical therapy will guide the person through appropriate care. If suspicion of a frozen shoulder is occurring, range of motion exercise and joint mobilizations will be used.

Mayo Clinic Staff. (2018, July 20 2018). Frozen Shoulder. Retrieved from

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Integrative Dry Needling:

Integrative dry needling is a highly effective form of physical therapy for the treatment of a multitude of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.  It is not appropriate for all conditions or pathologies and the use of the technique will be at the discretion of your Physical therapist.

How does it work?

Integrative Dry Needling (IDN) is not acupuncture (traditional Chinese medicine), it is based on neuroanatomy and modern scientific study of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems.  A very fine filament needle is inserted through the skin and into the deeper tissues that are considered trigger points to your pain.  DN works by causing a micro lesion within the pathological tissue thus breaking up shortened tissues, inhibiting a reflex arc from the nervous system to the tissue, normalizing the inflammatory response, and centrally mediating the pain.  This mechanical and neuromuscular effect provides an environment that enhances the body’s ability to heal which ultimately reduces pain.

What conditions can be treated?

Conditions include, but are not limited to Chronic and Acute neck, back and shoulder pain, arm pain (tennis elbow, carpel tunnel, golfers elbow), headaches to include migraines and tension-type headaches, jaw pain, buttock pain and leg pain (sciatica, hamstring strains, calf tightness/spasms), Plantar Fasciitis, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis… as well as others.

Are the needles sterile?

Yes, we only use sterile disposable needles.

Is the procedure painful?

The fine filament needle is very thin, solid, and flexible, which allows for the needle to be pushed through the skin versus cutting the skin.  This helps reduce any discomfort that may occur with the procedure.  We strive to make the treatment virtually painless however at times a local twitch response of the muscle may be felt.  When the needle is inserted into the pathological tissue the local twitch response sensation is normal and is felt only momentarily.  These sensations are perfectly normal and even a desirable response.  Your PT will make every effort to make your experience comfortable and therapeutic.

How will I feel after the Dry Needling treatment?

This will vary but many patients experience immediate relief of their symptoms and an increase in range of motion.  Soreness can also be a common response from the needling but does not occur with all people.  Some individuals may experience an immediate achiness or a delayed soreness the next day.  The soreness, if present, will usually last 1-2 days, use of heat and light message and movement will be beneficial.  Mild Bruising may also occur, but is rare.  Application of ice on the bruise will help with the soreness and the skin discoloration will last several days but is not harmful.  It is uncommon but possible that the treatment may temporarily increase your symptoms.  This is not unusual but if this continues past the 1-2 day window, inform your PT to allow adjustment of your program to enhance your comfort the next time.  This does not mean that needling will not be beneficial to your condition.

Will I continue to do exercises or receive other treatments?

Yes, your personalized physical therapy program will still integrate traditional physical therapy methods including Manual therapy, Therapeutic exercise, endurance training, stabilization and posture training.

How many Treatments will I need?

This will depend on the category you fit in, which is determined by the state of the injury and your overall health.  Remember we are attempting to cause mechanical and biochemical changes without any pharmacological means.  Therefore, we are looking for a cumulative response to break the pain cycle.  Your PT will be able to give you more insight after your evaluation.

What should I do to prepare for the treatment?

·       Do not eat 30 mins before the treatment

·       Be well hydrated but empty your bladder prior to treatment

·       Wear lose fitting clothing, shorts, or bathing suit for easy access to your painful areas

What Should/can I do after treatment, what should I avoid?

Our recommendations vary depending on the amount of soreness you have and on the individual response to the treatment.  Recommendations may include increasing your water intake, applying heat or ice over the area, gentle stretched and modifications of activities.

Is Dry Needling treatment covered by my insurance?

This is a Physical Therapy treatment and is NOT acupuncture therefore your coverage of DN should correspond with your Physical Therapy Benefits.  You can discuss this further with administrative staff if you require more information.

Not all medical or physical therapy professionals are trained to perform the Integrative Dry Needling treatment technique.  The physical therapists at OUR CLINIC have advanced training and have been certified through the Integrative Dry Needling Institute.

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SUNSHINE CBD oil is a health and wellness company that customers can rely on for quality cannabinoids without  THC. We sell SUNSHINE products because of their loyalty to their product and customers. SUNSHINE CBD oil is made from whole plant extract, no preservatives, and all natural ingredients. Daily broad spectrum provides users with a full spectrum CBD dose for maximum health benefits. What makes SUNSHINE CBD oil different from others is Daily Connex 500mg contains 590.3mg of CBD, and is completely free of THC, which is a huge plus. Without even looking at the lab results, you can tell Daily Connex is high quality because of the clear consistent color. In addition, to the high quality Daily Connex provides users with fast relief in 20 to 30 minutes. Flavors include: orange, mint, citrus, and cinnamon. This product is available in tinctures, capsules, topical, vapes and pet. Broad spectrum reduces pain, anxiety and inflammation, stabilizes mood and improves sleep. Broad spectrum has 5 ingredients ultra-refined MCT oil, daily supply of vitamin D3, premium hemp seed oil, organic hemp and CBD and flavored plant seed oils.


Our CBD vapes are all natural with no added chemicals! No propylene glycol and no vegetable Glycerin. Flavors are blueberry and natural.


Organic ingredients – ultra refined coconut oil, wide spectrum hemp and CBD, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, raw shea butter and avocado oil. All ingredients are designed to help relax mind and body, while relieving aches and pain, while reducing inflammation.


This product for pets has three ingredients including ultra-refined MCT oil, wide spectrum hemp and CBD and premium hemp seed oil. Recommend .5ml for every 10lbs of weight, but every animal is different, so start here and work up if needed. Animal benefits are the same as humans.


These are called chill pills and come in 25mg capsules with same ingredients and goodness the other products have, minus any taste.

Full Spectrum Spagyric (Funk)

Contains full-spectrum cannabinoids, which is one of the coolest extraction methods. Using old alchemy, mineral salts naturally found in the hemp plant are extracted, and then add them into the oil. Which means full-spectrum has legal amounts of THC.

Purchasing CBD oil can be very confusing, so please call our office for full description and

Pricing (405-265-2255).

Water Soluble

New product just released is SUNCHINE water soluble CBD which means its more absorbent, flavorless, odorless, longer lasting effects, vegan and 100% plant based and chemical free. Water soluble comes in 300mg and 600mg.

Purchasing CBD oil can be very confusing, so please call our office for full description and

Pricing (405-265-2255).



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Trauma Wounds

Trauma wound definition is an injury to the body resulting in open skin and / or other tissue. Trauma wound or injury is a universal phrase referring to damage produced by an accident, such as motor vehicle accident, fall, animal bite etc. (MedlinePlus, 2018). In America lots of people injure themselves yearly and those injuries vary from minor to deadly injuries. Trauma wounds happen at work, home, school, indoor, outdoor and basically anywhere at any time performing the most basic activities.

These injuries can be minor or very serious requiring specialized care to manage and heal them. If wounds are not properly cleaned and/or cared for they can become life-threatening. Our out-patient clinic can treat and manage all types and stages of trauma wounds and injuries.  Most trauma wounds or injuries should not be sutured or closed due to high rate of infection. These wounds should be cleaned and left opened and referred to wound care for follow up care. In some situations wound vacs are used to assist with closure and healing. Other common types of trauma or injury:

  • Animal bites
  • Bull or buffalo gored
  • Deep or hard bruising
  • Burns
  • Open dislocations
  • Electrical injuries


Wounds and Injuries – treatment: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. (2018, August 14). Retrieved from

For more information about trauma wound care, contact Yukon Wound Care & Rehabilitation at 405-265-2255.

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Dehisced Surgical Wounds

Dehisced surgical wound is a separation of staples, sutures or glue from infection, blood clot, serous drainage and swelling. Dehisced surgical wounds can be caused by a bug or microorganism on the skin prior to surgery, in the body or organ, airborne, providers hands or surgical instruments (MedlinePlus, 2016). Patients that are more at risk for dehisced wounds: diabetics, immune suppressed, overweight, smokers, corticosteroid users and patients that have undergone surgery lasting more than 2 hours (MedlinePlus, 2016). Dehisced surgical wounds can be very serious and even life threating.

There are three stages of wound infection: superficial, deep and organ (Medline, 2016). Typically oral antibiotics are given for superficial wounds, but sometimes IV antibiotics are needed because of allergies. Sometimes a surgical procedure called incision and drainage or exploratory surgery is needed to clean and drain the wound (MedlinePlus, 2016). After the incision and drainage procedure the wound is left opened so it will heal from the inside out. During the healing time wound care will be needed and either you, family member or a health care provider will do daily wound dressings. Wound care usually consist of removing the packing, cleaning the wound and repacking followed by outer dressing. Sometimes serial debridement is needed to clean the wound for better healing. Occasionally a wound vac is used to speed up the healing process. The healing time is different for every patient so it could take days to months to completely heal. Yukon Wound Care and Rehab work closely with your physician to best meet your needs and speed up healing recovery.



Surgical wound infection – treatment: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. (2016, August 22). Retrieved from


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