yukon wound care rehabWound Care and Rehabilitation Clinic

Yukon Wound Care & Rehabilitation (YWCR) in Yukon, Oklahoma is a privately owned Oklahoma wound care and rehab clinic. Our clinic is conveniently located just west of the Oklahoma City metro area, minutes away from Integris Canadian Valley Hospital.

Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation is an evidence-based practice; meaning we provide conscientious, explicit and judicious use of the ‘current, best evidence’ in making decisions about the care of individual patients.

Our staff has a true desire to provide excellent customer service and world class therapeutic care! With over 75 years’ combined experience, we have the knowledge and flexibility to give you the care you deserve, to get the results you want!

Physical Therapy Bios


Dr. Sherri Boos

Sherri Boos, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Sherri has over 26 years of experience in Physical Therapy; specializing in Wound Care, Orthopedic Therapy and Women’s Health.  She conducts the patient evaluation, develops a plan of care and provides therapeutic & rehabilitative services for patients with orthopedic, soft tissue or muscle injuries including post-surgical rehab, stroke, degenerative disease processes and genetic abnormalities.

Sherri also provides specialty wound care & therapy for venous insufficiency, edema, diabetic ulcers, abscesses, surgical wounds, infection, amputations and traumatic injuries.  She establishes care goals, determines patients’ expectations and reports therapy & rehab results to the referring or primary care provider upon completion or continuation of care.

She now owns and operates Yukon Wound Care & Rehabilitation. In 2018, Sherri became Neurologic Integrative Dry Needling certifited for pain management and sports rehabilitation.

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Jennifer McCray, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant

Jennifer has over 12 years of experience as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  She assists the therapist & patients with therapy and rehabilitative needs for orthopedic, muscle, and soft tissue injuries to include sprains, strains, contusions, pediatric abnormalities, disease processes & post-surgical rehab.  Jennifer assists the therapist in wound care management for diabetic & decubitus ulcers, abscesses, edema, infection, surgical wounds and traumatic injuries.  She provides patient care, encouragement & instruction in a therapeutic setting.


Office Manager

Joyce specializes in patient care, clinic management, office automation, personnel safety, human resources and education & training. She is responsible for administrative & clinical assistance with patient care, relations, reception, appointment booking, provider schedules, insurance verification, billing & medical supplies/re-supply.


Maloree is our newest member of Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation. She is a Office Assistant and Rehabilitation Technician. She is a 2022 high school graduate from Epic Charter Schools with honors from the National Technical Honors Society. Taking a year off before applying to Oklahoma State University for a bachelors in Physiology. She dreams of becoming a Physician’s Assistant with specialty in Orthopedics. Outside of the clinic, Maloree is passionate and active in her church’s youth ministries.


Katey is our Lead Rehabilitation Technician. She has been apart of Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation for 2 years. In May, she graduated with her bachelors in Applied Exercise Science from Oklahoma State University. She is furthering her education to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. Outside of being passionate about helping others, she is interested in
perusing equine therapy as well.