I have been using Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation for over a year.  I first started with them when I had surgery on my lower abdomen. One evening while in the hospital I coughed and it opened my wound up. Sherry Boos was the only one who made house calls. Had she not made house calls I’m not sure where I’d be. She came in and changed the way I was being treated by home health care and healed me faster that all the time I was in the hospital. She and her assistant Jennifer have continued to help me with my physical therapy needs. My lung disease has not allowed me the freedom I would like to have. With Sherry and Jennifer I have more freedom than I’ve had for quite some time. Making home visits and truly caring about their patients is a nice bonus in the world today. I would give them a ten on a scale of 1 – 10. I would not have a problem recommending them to anyone.


Thank you and Jennifer for all you have done to make me independent.  Your love and support has helped more than you’ll ever know. You ladies are a blessing from God. My wish for you is continued success.

Thanks for everything

I had a blood clot below the right knee. I thought I was going to loss my leg. Also had a bad sore on one toe from the blood loss in my leg. So My Dr said let’s do therapy and would care and see if we can save the leg first before we take it. So she set me to Shari and Jennifer. They worked hard with me for 3 months. It was hard work but they saved my leg. I love all those Lady and Thank God my Dr. sent me to them.

I had been ill from a infection in my leg, and was on my 5th antibiotic. Finally my Dr. Sent me to the BEST Wound Care Place in the world! Yukon Wound Care, Ms Sherri Boos. It has been only a week and Ms Sherri Boos has got me on the road to getting well. I was so impressed with the facility, the friendly staff and the KNOWLEDGE of this place. I wish I would have been sent there years ago. Again I want to thank all of you and your prayers, I can say Prayer Works.

All that needs to be told is y’all are my angels. I will always come back to you when needed. From my heart and soul Thank You!

Nancy McNaught

I came to Yukon Wound Care in extreme pain with no hope. I was turned away from other wound care facilities because they said they couldn’t help me or my medical situation. First day, Sherri and the crew took great care of me. Sherri has done everything she could to get me the best possible care. My journey has been extremely long and painful, but through it all the staff has been there encouraging, supporting and helping me heal every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone.

Barbara W.

As a cancer patient, with a large team of doctors whom I love, I was nervous when I was told I would need full time wound care. I had anxiety about adding yet another person to my medical team. But then I met Sherri and all my fears melted away! Sherri and her team not only fit perfectly into my already established team of doctors, but she also fits perfectly into my life as a person.

As a wound care specialist Sherri truly has the magic touch, and that’s important, but she has also somehow made me look forward to my wound care appointments! She is personable and warm, kind, and someone I would want to be friends with whether I was her patient or not. When you are being treated by Sherri you are not only in her caring hands, but you are also in her caring heart.

Erika K.

They got me in very fast when I was referred. I could have even come that day. I have never had to wait past my appointment time either.

Linda C.

I came to Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation in January of 2017. Prior, I had been going to another wound care facility. During that course of time, I had been hospitalized three times due to infection or so they said. One time hospitalized for three weeks. I had been in so much pain that I cried every day from the tremendous pain I was experiencing. I wasn’t able to do hardly anything nor did I care due to the pain. I realized I was not living. I was only existing. I did not care about anything.

I had been at the other wound care facility for over 1 year and my wounds just kept getting bigger and bigger and more painful with each passing day. It was so devastating! I had even given up hope that I would ever be healed. I came to Yukon Wound Care and saw more results in the first three months than I did in a year at the other facility.

These ladies at Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation absolutely changed my life. They were so kind and compassionate! They absolutely gave me my life back. They offered prayer for me during some of the most painful procedures. They held my hands and said many prayers for me. God bless these ladies and their healing hands.

If there is anyone who has been in this position, please give these ladies a chance. They can give you your life back again. I thank God every day for these wonderful ladies. God bless Sherri, Jennifer, Kim and Oretta. They are wonderful.

Sincerely, Betty M.

I am a busy mother of 2, a wife and a full time employee with a physically demanding job. Please here me when I tell you & believe it. No matter what schedule you may have or how difficult your work schedule may be, YWCR will work with you, however possible, to see you. They don’t overbook patient’s and the wait time is next to none (seriously!). You’re able to get in, receive the care you’re needed, and be on your way. This is exactly what I need! AND, the best part is the level of care I receive is top notch!

I am so grateful to be in the best hands for wound care! Sherri has been able to do more work and control my wound in 2 days, than the other care I’ve received in 2 months! Prior to coming to YWCR, my outlook on recovery was troubling. I feared my wound would not heal, but that all changed the minute I walked into YWCR. Sherri’s compassion for the level of care she gives is incredible! Immediately she began working my wound with a skillful and gentle touch! The knowledge she passed along to me, regarding home dressing, completely changed my health process.

Jennifer, as well, cares for patients with the same level of compassion. She’s able to relate to everyday life, and give you a positive outlook just when you feel like all hope is lost. I walked out of my appointment a changed person! I’ve gained more hope and a positive outlook about my wound recovery, than I thought was possible! If you’re looking for trustworthy wound care, please reach out to YWCR. Trust me, I’ve been in previous care for 2 months with no results. Being at YWCR, I’ve received more care, and I am already seeing results! That’s the difference between seeing someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, and someone who doesn’t. I highly recommend Sherri, Jennifer, and the entire staff at YWCR!

Sabrina C.

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