The lymph system is a network of vessels, tissue, and organs that pull lymph fluid through the body and back into the bloodstream. Lymphedema occurs when there is damage or a blockage to the lymph system allowing the fluid to fill the extremity resulting in increased size, pain and loss of function. The damage or blockage can be from a surgical procedure such as cancer tumor or lymph node removal, radiation to the lymph nodes, trauma such as a car wreck or excessive obesity. from Treatments consist of compression garments, sequential pumps, lymphatic massage and laser light therapy.

Laser light therapy use laser light heat to re-open the flow of the lymphatic system and increase the flow of the lymph fluid. It also increases blood flow to the area. If history of cancer, laser light can be utilized with oncologist approval. This treatment is FDA cleared and provides patients a non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative.

Source: National Cancer Institute “Lymphedema-Patient Version”.