Foot Care

Foot and Ankle Therapy

Our feet are our foundation for most activities of life. They carry us through our daily life with walking, transfers, and
numerous leisure activities. Injuries and pain can limit those activities. Some injuries can include sprains, tendonitis and fractures, while other limiting factors can be arthritis, bone deformities or overall weakness. Treatment for a foot or ankle is determined after an evaluation of your pain, mobility, and strength. Hands on manual therapy for pain management and stretching are key components to understanding the issue and resolving the pain.
Overall skin and nail hygiene are observed to rule out painful callouses, corns, bunions, or ingrown toe nails as a contributing factor. As pain resolves, customized exercises, gait and agility training are utilized to strengthen the foot and ankle. Other treatment options can consist of shoe modifications, kinisesio taping, and support bracing. If needed, the physical therapist can recommend imaging such as an x-ray or MRI for furter diagnosis. Referral for further care with an orthopedic surgeon, podiatrist or specialist can be made. Returning to all activities is our primary goal! Self referral is always welcome and we will make direct contact with your primary care physician.
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Foot Care

foot care oklahoma

Foot care is a daily practice of washing, moisturizing, filing and clipping nails. Most of us are fully capable of reaching our feet to perform independent foot care, but a lot of Americans cannot reach their feet for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons might be obesity, joint stiffness, altered mental status, visual impairment, serious medical condition or possibly joint injury. I have seen many extensive foot infection in my practice that started from toe nail clipping, nail and dry skin picking and filing. Regular foot care prevents foot infections that can lead to amputation. We do not recommend diabetics go to salon for foot care due to infection risks.

Our foot care program was started to provide Oklahomans an opportunity to low cost professional foot care. Patients that need professional foot care are patients at risk of infection, neuropathy, poor circulation, chronic swelling, chronic pain, obesity and poor mobility. Professional foot care includes: assessment of tissue and nail color, circulation, edema, pain and odor that can prevent serious complications. Our team will trim and files nails and calluses, make shoe recommendations and / or modifications and provide a full thorough inspection. Treatment is typically gentle and pain free and completed in one visit.

The cost is $40.00 per treatment. In some situations insurance may cover this expense, but our office manager is experienced and will call for eligibility.

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