Many patients with vertigo complain of nausea, dizziness and lightheadedness performing sitting to lying, lying to sitting and/or rolling over in bed. Vertigo usually starts sudden but in some cases can start gradual over a few days. Most people feel like they’re a on a merry go round or the room is spinning.

It’s important to contact your MD if you experience symptoms of vertigo because other serious conditions such as low blood pressure and dehydration can cause dizziness as well. Your MD can eliminate more serious conditions and pinpoint correct diagnosis of vertigo. Usually the MD will refer you to a specialist that specializes in vertigo because he / she can correct vertigo in just a few visits.

The vertigo specialist will perform a Dix-Hall Pike test to determine which ear is involved and then perform a canalith repositioning procedure to resolve dizziness. In most cases the canalith repositioning resolves complaints of dizziness in one visit. However, if dizziness is not resolved then additional exercises are recommended for a few days following.

Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation is highly trained in diagnosing vertigo and performing canalith repositioning procedure.


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