Urostomy is a surgical procedure bypassing the bladder, making a stoma on the outside of the stomach to allow urine to flow. This procedure is performed to treat urinary diseases or other complications. In many cases the urostomy is temporary to allow healing, but some circumstances need to remain permanent. Urostomy treatment and care can be frustrating, painful and difficult for patients because urine constantly flows while changing the wafer / bag making it almost impossible to keep the skin clean and get a bag changed.

Urine on the skin can cause severe skin irritation and / or excoriation that becomes painful and too moist for the wafer to seal creating a viscous cycle for patients and provider. Our clinic provider is experienced in all stoma types including urostomies. Most patients are educated and healed in 2 to 3 visits. All of our wound care patients have priority getting scheduled because we know how painful and emotionally draining these types of wounds can be. Call our office at 405-265-2255 for and immediate appointment.


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