Total knee arthroplasty aka total knee replacement is a surgical procedure that has proven success relieving pain for people who suffer with knee difficulties from an injury, degenerative disorder and inflammation (Klein, 2006). In the United states alone over 300,000 total knee procedures are performed and these numbers increase as younger people need a total knee replacement (Klein, 2006). A total knee replacement procedure is a difficult surgery to recover from and should be taken very seriously. The complication are: severe pain, bruising, swelling, blood clot, temporary and permanent paralysis, infection, numbness and even death.

There are several things that help a person’s total knee outcome a success: good physical health and strength, weight, flexibility, education about the procedure and expected loss of function and nutrition to improve healing. Pre-habilitation is program that our facility offers to encourages your success after this procedure. Pre-habilitation is usually just a few visits to educate you about the produce, nutrition, possible loss of function, strengthen specific muscles and stretch tight muscles and joints.

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