Pre-habilitation is a program specifically designed by therapists to meet the individual needs of a patient prior to a surgery or a medical procedure .This practice is often used for  orthopedic surgeries  for both acute and chronic injuries and helps to promote optimal outcomes and success.

These can range from an ACL rupture to an osteoarthritic knee waiting for replacement. “Pre-hab” provides patients with pain relieving techniques, stretches, and strengthening exercises needed in order to obtain a smooth and speedy recovery.

The goals of a pre-operative rehabilitation program include mentally preparing for surgery, reducing pain and inflammation, maximizing range of motion and muscular control, education of expectations post-surgery, and improving overall wellbeing and fitness.

The surgeon is only responsible for 50% of outcome success after a surgery or procedure. The other 50% is due to a patient’s commitment to recovery. Patients will feel better about their recovery process if they are able to get out of bed, go to the restroom, and walk around the house independently.

Outpatient therapy provides their patients with exercise programs to perform at home, making patients more comfortable and familiar with the types of intervention they will encounter post-surgery. Our clinic provides a wide range of knowledge and we would love to help you decide what type of care is best for you or your family members.


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