Knee Rehab

Knee Rehabilitation is important for daily life! Having a pain free knee joint is important to maintaining daily life tasks, exercise routines, general function and mobility. Rehabilitation can be utilized for arthritic pain, strains, sprains and weakness. Therapist will listen to your complaints and descriptions of pain while palpating the area to feel for arthritic changes and muscular inflammation.

Treatment will then include strenghtening, plyometrics, stretching, taping and manual therapies to assist with the healing process. Manual therapy can consist of dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, and joint mobilization. A combonation of each treatment will be utilized to meet the patient’s goals. As goals are met, a home exercise program and self care instructions are given for long term needs. Strong pain-free knees make work and daily routines effortless! You may contact our clinic directly to schedule an appointment at any time. Direct access allows you to be seen 30 days without a signed prescription from your physican. We do stay in constant contact with your physican during your physical therapy.