Non-Healing Wound

Non-healing wound is a delay in the natural healing process from either an outside or inside source. Inside sources could be and infection, bleeding, drainage, clots, fatty necrosis, unexpected debris, tracks, and underlying health issues such as diabetes and  poor circulation. Outside sources could be pressure, friction, moisture, trauma, burn, radiation and insects (roaches or maggots).  All of these sources make each patient and circumstance unique and different and should be treated with individual care.

As a wound practitioner my responsibility is to find the delay or non- healing source quickly for every patient. Early detection will reduce pain, suffering and return patients to their lifestyle.

Our wound care clinic is unique because our staff is physical therapist and assistances that specialize in wound care and debridement. We have successful wound healing because of our outstanding experience, skill and consistent staff. Our small staff of professionals allows us to have better consistency and patient compliance. Most wound care facilities operate with large changing staff that causes inconsistent care and delayed healing.

Sherri Boos, DPT, PT

Yukon Wound Care & Rehab