Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is a long lasting and sometimes life time skin disease that causes relentless painful draining abscesses (Medlineplus, 2019).  The abscesses can erupt anywhere on the body, but usually they erupt in the most sensitive areas of the body, such as armpits, breast and genitals. In most cases, the boils start out small and gradually get bigger and begin to drain foul puss drainage that take months to heal (Grant, 2019). Hiradenitis Suppurative is not contagious. However, it can be exacerbated by heat, stress, obesity, imbalance in hormones and  heavy sweating, but these do not cause the initial onset of HS (Grant, 2019).

HS has been around since the 1830’s and there is very little, if any, information in medical books. Most physicians don’t know anything about HS until they get out of medical school and are practicing for years. Public awareness is inadequate because most people just do not want to talk about their HS, probably because they’re too embarrassed and / or frustrated with the health care they’ve received . In addition, there is no standardized care to treat HS either.

Sometimes antibiotics help if an infection is present and sometimes surgery is needed to. There is hope though for HS patients. New medical research is reviling that Hidradenitis Suppurativa is an autoimmune disease and can be treated successfully with a life style change in food and activity (Grant, 2019). I encourage all patients and family members who suffer with HS to read The Hidden Plague by Tara Grant. This book is great at explaining HS and how an autoimmune diet protocol can put your Hiradenitis Suppurative in remission. Our staff at Yukon Wound Care & Rehab in Oklahoma has been very successful over the years healing patients with HS. However, we can only help that particular lesion or wound, but you can put your HS into remission by taking full control of food that triggers an inflammatory response that cause that HS. Please call us with questions or to schedule appointments. 405-265-2255.


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