sherri boos yukon wound care rehabCupping has been around for centuries originating in Chinese Medicine. It gained its mainstream recognition after the 2016 Olympics when Michael Phelps was seen with large red circular imprints on his skin, resembling a hickey.

This treatment involves a special “cup” placed on the targeted area of the body, where it is then suctioned into place. The cupping causes an upward negative pressure that produces dilation of the skin which allows increased circulation and decreased inflammation in the underlying tissue. Cupping can be applied in almost any area, such as the neck, lumbar region, gluts, or along joint spaces and tendons. Cups can also be used during therapeutic exercise to facilitate postural correction and muscle activation. It can be used for various reasoning such as pain management, trigger point release or tissue movement for strength training. Utilized for pain management with patient’s suffering from arthritis, sciatica, sprains and headaches to name a few. Can be used for strength training in cases involving diagnoses such as postural muscles, back stabilizers, scoliosis, and knee or shoulder rehab. It is considered a part of physical therapy manual techniques and is provided at no additional cost to the patient.

Cupping is becoming a widely used practice in the therapy world and we are excited to share it with our patients.