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Pilonidal Cyst

Pilonidal CystPilonidal cyst is a fluid filled pus pocket formed around hair follicles between the butt cheeks. Pilonidal cyst usually become infected requiring surgery to drain and debride the abscess.  Antibiotics and outpatient wound care may be needed to heal the wound if delayed healing occurs.

Risks involved in pilonidal cystectomies include bleeding, delayed healing, infection and reoccurrence. Pilonidal cysts are extremely difficult to heal because of many factors. Factors include: wet moist environment, hair, heat, friction and stool. Our clinic has exceptional healing success rate with pilonidal cyst and we work closely with physicians and the patient to ensure the best care.


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A burn is damage to tissue by heat, chemical, electricity, sunrays or radiation. The Most common Burn occurs from hot liquid such as soup, coffee and boiling water, but other liquids are flammable liquids and gases. Burns are describe by tissue depth and surface area covered.

Burns are measured in degrees 1, 2, 3 and 4th by depth:

1.     First degree burn is superficial epidermis damage, such as sunburn with or without blisters.

2.     Second degree burn affects epidermis and second tissue layer called the dermis layer.

3.     Third degree burn are much deeper damaging epidermis, dermis, hair follicles and sweat glands.

4.     Fourth degree burn extends into the fatty layers, fifth involves muscle and sixth involves bone.

Severe burns are extremely dangerous because of systemic complications from a huge full body inflammatory reaction. This inflammatory response can cause an overreaction injuring major organs such as heart, lungs, kidneys, blood vessels and others.

In most cases burns are treated with clean dry daily dressing using topical antibiotics to prevent infection and ease burn pain. However, in many burn cases daily debridement in an out-patient clinic  is needed to remove damaged tissue to allow healing to occur. Severe cases may require acute hospitalization in special burn center.

Our clinic is well trained in burn care and debridement and will provide you care with professional attention and compassion.


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Trauma Wounds

Trauma wound definition is an injury to the body resulting in open skin and / or other tissue. Trauma wound or injury is a universal phrase referring to damage produced by an accident, such as motor vehicle accident, fall, animal bite etc. (MedlinePlus, 2018). In America lots of people injure themselves yearly and those injuries vary from minor to deadly injuries. Trauma wounds happen at work, home, school, indoor, outdoor and basically anywhere at any time performing the most basic activities.

These injuries can be minor or very serious requiring specialized care to manage and heal them. If wounds are not properly cleaned and/or cared for they can become life-threatening. Our out-patient clinic can treat and manage all types and stages of trauma wounds and injuries.  Most trauma wounds or injuries should not be sutured or closed due to high rate of infection. These wounds should be cleaned and left opened and referred to wound care for follow up care. In some situations wound vacs are used to assist with closure and healing. Other common types of trauma or injury:

  • Animal bites
  • Bull or buffalo gored
  • Deep or hard bruising
  • Burns
  • Open dislocations
  • Electrical injuries


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For more information about trauma wound care, contact Yukon Wound Care & Rehabilitation at 405-265-2255.

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