wound care oklahomaThe thought of getting set-up with a new provider sometimes seems daunting, but at Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation we try very hard to make it as easy as possible for our patients.  Some of the first things you see when you come here is that there is parking directly in front of the building with handicap parking on each end.  We have two ways a patient can come to the front door.  One way is to walk up and step up to the front entrance, or if they are not able to step up or need an ADA accessible entrance, there is a low incline sidewalk that can bring patients to the same door.

All of our doors inside the clinic are ADA approved.  The bathroom is conveniently located near the patient waiting room, and is also ADA accessible with all necessary grab bars.  Our staff are very friendly and are near the door to greet you and assist you with whatever you may need.

Once you’ve been greeted, our office staff will normally have about 5 papers for you to read through and fill out.  If you require assistance filling out your paperwork, our staff can come sit with you and assist you in this. Our Gym area is very open and can accommodate several patients.  You will normally always be paired with either the PT, the PTA, or our wonderful PT techs.  Our PT and PTA are always available for you to talk with even if you are not paired with them specifically.  We are a team, and everyone here works together with each other.  We pride ourselves on keeping an orderly schedule without too many delays that would prevent you from getting in within the first 10 mins or so of your appointment.  That is normally true for our walk-in patients as well.  We try very hard to get you in and out so you can go on about your day.  Every now and then though, we do experience hiccups that need more assistance than others.  So please be patient with us when this happens.

Your appointment, whether its wound care, physical therapy, or women’s health are normally no longer than 30-45 minutes depending on what kind of appointment you’re scheduled for.   In some instances if we’re seeing you for multiple reasons, then the time would naturally be longer to accommodate the extra cases.  Once you’re finished with your appointment, you will walk back to the waiting room where you will be checked out, pay any co-pays due, and schedule for your next visit.

I hope this article answered some of your questions on what to expect when coming to Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation for the first time.  If you’d like to call and schedule your first appointment, please do so at 405-265-2255.  We look forward to serving you!