Telehealth services is one method that physical therapist can use to see their patients while maintaining patient and provider safety. As you know the Covid-19 pandemic caused providers to look outside the box of traditional healthcare and into new creative care using  telehealth to avoid spreading infection. Telehealth promotes social distancing between patient and provider using a computer and soft wear to connect therapist and patient. Telehealth is being used across the US successfully for most patients. However, this practice is not for every patient. Patients that require hands on care will need face to face visits.

Benefits of telehealth:

  • Quality care without leaving your house
  • Specialist care in Oklahoma State
  • Save money on traveling
  • Older or disabled patients who have difficulty getting out for
  • Routine monitoring of condition
  • Reduce hospital care

Yukon Wound Care & Rehabilitation is practicing telehealth to keep our patients and staff safe. If you think you or a loved one could benefit from telehealth services please call 405-265-2255 of have your physician fax orders to 405-265-2215