At Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation, safety is our top priority. We our continually following the CDC and WHO recommendations as new information becomes available. Daily procedures to keep everyone protected are as follows.

All staff members are wearing mask for dual protection to protect patients and staff. When our patients arrive, they are to remain in their vehicles. They are to call our office and we will begin asking them a list of questions to insure they have not been knowingly in contact with COVID-19 and that they are feeling well. We will then open the door, take the patients temperature to ensure they are not running a fever and then ask the patient to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. All family members and visitors are restricted from coming to the clinic at this time. This is to limit the number of patients in our clinic at once and to decrease the number of people we all encounter. We can assist patients with walking or wheelchairs as needed. We maintain 6 feet spacing from all patients when possible. Our tables, equipment, and other surfaces are cleaned with sanitizer after each use. If a patient feels ill, we ask that they notify our clinic and discuss an alternative treatment for the day. We are now offering Virtual Visits/Telehealth for qualifying patients. Yukon Wound Care and Rehabilitation is in this together with all our patrons and providers. Thank you for your time and patience through this process!