SUNSHINE CBD oil is a health and wellness company that customers can rely on for quality cannabinoids without  THC. We sell SUNSHINE products because of their loyalty to their product and customers. SUNSHINE CBD oil is made from whole plant extract, no preservatives, and all natural ingredients. Daily broad spectrum provides users with a full spectrum CBD dose for maximum health benefits. What makes SUNSHINE CBD oil different from others is Daily Connex 500mg contains 590.3mg of CBD, and is completely free of THC, which is a huge plus. Without even looking at the lab results, you can tell Daily Connex is high quality because of the clear consistent color. In addition, to the high quality Daily Connex provides users with fast relief in 20 to 30 minutes. Flavors include: orange, mint, citrus, and cinnamon. This product is available in tinctures, capsules, topical, vapes and pet. Broad spectrum reduces pain, anxiety and inflammation, stabilizes mood and improves sleep. Broad spectrum has 5 ingredients ultra-refined MCT oil, daily supply of vitamin D3, premium hemp seed oil, organic hemp and CBD and flavored plant seed oils.


Our CBD vapes are all natural with no added chemicals! No propylene glycol and no vegetable Glycerin. Flavors are blueberry and natural.


Organic ingredients – ultra refined coconut oil, wide spectrum hemp and CBD, extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, raw shea butter and avocado oil. All ingredients are designed to help relax mind and body, while relieving aches and pain, while reducing inflammation.


This product for pets has three ingredients including ultra-refined MCT oil, wide spectrum hemp and CBD and premium hemp seed oil. Recommend .5ml for every 10lbs of weight, but every animal is different, so start here and work up if needed. Animal benefits are the same as humans.


These are called chill pills and come in 25mg capsules with same ingredients and goodness the other products have, minus any taste.

Full Spectrum Spagyric (Funk)

Contains full-spectrum cannabinoids, which is one of the coolest extraction methods. Using old alchemy, mineral salts naturally found in the hemp plant are extracted, and then add them into the oil. Which means full-spectrum has legal amounts of THC.

Purchasing CBD oil can be very confusing, so please call our office for full description and

Pricing (405-265-2255).

Water Soluble

New product just released is SUNCHINE water soluble CBD which means its more absorbent, flavorless, odorless, longer lasting effects, vegan and 100% plant based and chemical free. Water soluble comes in 300mg and 600mg.

Purchasing CBD oil can be very confusing, so please call our office for full description and

Pricing (405-265-2255).