Since CBD Oil (cannabidiol oil) has made it’s debut on the shelf, we’ve seen an increase in the amount of patients that are using, or wanting to use it. We get asked a lot, “What is CBD oil?” ; “Can it be beneficial for me?” ; “Will I get a high from using it?”. While you cannot get a High from using CBD oil, it does depend on the patient and the ailments that those patients have, and just how beneficial CBD oil will be to them. There are about 110-120 compounds of cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Plant. There is still so much to learn and it’s science is still young.

The CBD oil compound and the THC compound are the most studied cannabinoids. We see a lot of patients who are in a chronic, constant state of pain. Most of them are on opioids and have been on them for quite some time. To the point where they are unable to drive themselves to their appointments. With the demand to reduce the amount of opioids being given out, pain management doctors are relying more heavily on the Physical Therapist to help aid them in which patients are in true need of controlled pain medicines and what can be helped through being active. We know that when you work-out and exercise, your body releases endorphins which stimulate a series of things in the brain and body and makes you overall happier and healthier.

CBD does not alter the cognitive state of patients like THC does, but it is useful in pain treatment because it stimulates the human body to produce endocannabinoids. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters naturally found in the human body that help regulate many functions including sleep, appetite, mood, memory and pain sensation. When you engage in physical exercise, the level of endocannabinoids rises in response. How CBD oil modulates pain is not completely understood, but pain management doctors believe that it inhibits pain impulses from reaching the brain and working on certain receptors.

If you are experiencing pain and are wanting to try CBD oil to help control it, I would talk to your Dr. first to make sure they don’t see any potential risks involved for you, and remember, your Physical Therapist can help aid in that decision by giving you a thorough evaluation and setting you up on an active regiment that could reduce your use of opioids.


APTA CBD and Physical therapists article