Broad Spectrum is a proprietary extraction method that removes THC found in hemp. Since Hemp still contains trace amounts of THC, our product removes as much of it as possible, while still keeping all the beneficial Cannabinoids that have shown to help millions of people (and pets) get the relief they deserve.

We offer two products made from our broad spectrum oil. With a warm blend of oils like Cinnamon and Cassia, Sunshine Cinnamon 1,000mg is designed to help you get your life back on track.

With organically grown Broad-Spectrum Hemp and CBD, Sunshine has been used to help reduce stress, anxiety and pain, while helping improve sleep and general comfort. It is available in a tincture.

With 25mg of Organic Broad-Spectrum THC-Free Hemp, our capsules are built for maximum absorption and long lasting effects. And with 1000 I/U of Vitamin D3 in every capsule, we’re helping spread the Sunshine so you can get your life back on track. Each jar contains 30 – 25mg capsules.